databas cerddi guto'r glyn


A Cistercian abbey near Llangollen that became a sanctuary for many poets during the fifteenth century.
Valle Crucis abbey
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 Wrth y Mab a’i wyrthiau maith
 Ym mrig aberth mae’r gobaith.
 Y Drindod a warendy
 Arnaf ar arch o’r nef fry:
 F’un Ceidwad, fy Nuw cadarn,
 Fy nawdd fo yn Nydd y Farn.
 Fy noddfa, fy niweddfyd,
 Fo nef a’i gartref i gyd!
(poem 118.67-74)

Religion ruled many aspects of medieval life, and each individual was expected to behave according to what was taught in Church services. It was a great sin not to attend Sunday Mass or to break the Sabbath. The churches and abbeys were important organizations for the poets too, especially as clergymen were such generous patrons.

Feasts and seasons were arranged according to the Church calendar. There were three main religious festivals during the year: Christmas, Whitsun and Easter. On these occasions great feasts were held in the homes of the nobility as well as in the abbeys.

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